Our Team

  • Randy Adkins




    I was raised in southeast Texas in a very close knit family.  I was taught to be honest and work hard, no matter what kind of work it is.  I watched my parents work as many as two jobs at a time as well as run a small convenience store while raising a family of my two brothers, my sister and myself. I've sacked groceries, shoveled chicken manure, worked 9 years at a paper mill and since 2009 I've been a Realtor.  I love being a Realtor, helping clients find properties that meet their needs whether a house on a small lot or a ranch.  Whatever your real estate needs are I'll do my best to help you in any way that I can and do it with hard work, honesty and integrity.  It's how I was raised and it's the way my broker Preston Gray has done business since 1963.  My wife and my daughter are the most important things in my life.  They bring me a happiness I thought I could only imagine and they are the reason I work hard every day in real estate but like I tell my wife, if I had to go back to sacking groceries to make it then that's what I'd do. So if you're looking for someone to help you in your real estate needs I'd love to help you.

  • Steve Stone




    I was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle on a farm. The only remarkable features of the area are Palo Duro Canyon and glorious sunset. The first river I ever saw was on a hunting trip to the Hill country in the second grade. It was a marvel. Flowing water that did not have to be pumped. It was 40 degrees, but we jumped in anyway. I graduated from West Texas State University, and began looking for my place in this world. I have traveled to most of the US and every corner of Texas. I have seen virtually all types of industries, and even helped write our national fire codes. In 1992 God finally placed me here in the Hill Country of Bandera, the prettiest part of Texas, with flowing water that nobody pumped in my back yard. A lady once asked me "Are you a cowboy?" I replied, I were the hat and boots, but the difference between me and most other 'cowboys' is I actually have cows. We run a family ranch cow calf operation with about 150 head of Brangus. I love the land. I came from the land. I understand the land. I have been a realtor for 12 years and a broker for 8 years. You have to sell it all in a small market, but I specialize in foreclosures and Farm and Ranch. I can spot a good deal for an investor, and maximize your return on your investment. Tell me your real estate goals, and I will help you achieve them.

  • Preston Gray




    Preston Gray was born in Atascosa County in South Texas.  His family were cattle ranchers and farmers.  Mr Gray was drafted into the US Army in 1951 and after his honorable discharge in 1953 he followed in his families footsteps raising cattle and farming peanuts, coincidentally during one of the worst droughts in Texas history.  Mr. Gray also worked in the oil field during this time and in 1963 became a real estate broker and started Gray Realty selling farms and ranches all over South Texas.  During this time, Mr. Gray also owned four skilled nursing homes.  Mr. Gray, growing up on a farm and ranch and literally living off the land, developed a keen knowledge of land in south Texas not only for its ability to produce agriculture but of its hunting and fishing opportunities as well.  Mr Gray expanded his real estate business to the Hill Country in 1983 where he currently offices at 810 Main Stree in Bandera.  Mr. Gray has developed relationships over the years with clients, banks and countless others during his real estate career.  To this day, people come by the office to reminisce about big real estate deals and tell hunting and fishing stories most of which appear to be true.  Mr. Gray believes that honesty and hard work is the key to success in any endeavor and that is the creed of our company.  Mr. Gray has two children, Kathleen and John, both highly successful in their own right, and two granddaughters, one attending Texas Christian University and the other a sophomore at Kerrville Tivy.  All of the members of the Gray Realty team are honored to be working under his leadership and appreciate his friendship and his wealth of knowledge in real estate and life in general.